Online programs at 十大平台网赌下载最新 utilize Canvas as the online education platform for students to interact with their instructor 和 fellow students 和 to complete assignments. 操作Canvas, 学生必须具备基本的网络技能, 始终访问Windows PC或Mac, 并知道如何执行以下任务:

  • 上传文件作为电子邮件附件.
  • 在线提交作业.
  • 使用讨论板、电子邮件和聊天工具.
  • 使用微软办公软件,主要是Word.

注意: 不依赖智能手机或chromebook. 访问 to website functionality 和 required course materials is limited on mobile devices, 而chromebook不支持必要的软件.


学生 also must have compatible hardware 和 software. Please explore the following areas to learn more about online tech requirements at 十大平台网赌下载最新.

  1. 硬件:
    • 学生 must primarily use a desktop computer or laptop (Windows PC or Mac).
    • Google Chromebooks are 不 fully compatible with some required software 和 therefore 不能 be used for all online classes.
    • 在线课程 不能 在智能手机或平板电脑上完成, but they can be used as a secondary means of communication by using the Canvas移动应用.
    • iPad users would download RLDB from the 苹果 App Store. 注意: The instructor must have the option to allow an iPad to be used selected.
  2. 最小屏幕尺寸:
    • Windows PC: 1280 * 768
    • Mac: 1280 * 800
  3. 兼容的操作系统:
    • Windows PC: Windows 10或更高版本
    • Mac: OSX 10.10或以上.
  4. 随机存取存储器(RAM)
    • Windows PC: 4 GB RAM (for most PCs); 2 GB RAM (on a 32-bit system)
    • Mac: 4gb内存
  5. 处理器:
    • Windows PC: 2.0 GHz处理器
    • 麦克:英特尔
  6. 高速互联网连接:
    • High-speed/broadb和 access is required for most courses.
    • 不依赖公共Wi-Fi或拨号接入. 使用公共接入Wi-Fi(例如, at restaurants or libraries) may result in slowness or errors.
  7. 支持的网页浏览器:
    • Be sure you have the latest version of your favorite web browser such as Chrome, 火狐, Safari或Edge.
    • ie浏览器是 支持.
    • Tip: If you have trouble with one browser, try a different one.
  8. 文字处理软件:
    • Most courses require word-processing such as MS Word 和 the ability to save files as .多克斯, .医生, .rtf或 .pdf.
    • BHC学生可以免费获得微软办公软件. 微软办公软件下载指南.
  9. Canvas移动应用
    • 再次强调,不要依赖智能手机和平板电脑. They can be used as a secondary means of access to course materials but their functionality is limited.
    • Android: Version 5.0或更高.
    • iOS:版本13.0或更高.
    • 如何下载Canvas移动应用程序


麦克风,扬声器 & 网络摄像头(或音频) & 视频)
  • 有些课程需要使用麦克风 帆布的会议变焦.us 或者网络监控.
  • Some webcams 和 laptops have microphones already built in. If yours does 不, you may need to purchase a webcam or microphone.
  • 用于聆听的耳机/耳塞/扬声器.
  • A webcam/camera capable of video conferencing or recording speeches (SPEC 101).
  • 请注意:在线完整部分的SPEC 101, students are required to record their speeches following requirements set by IAI公司. View requirements for the Online Completely SPEC 101 Course

Most online courses will require you to take online tests that are monitored; these are known as "proctored exams." Some online courses 也许你可以选择 to take a proctored exam at a BHC检测中心 和/or via BHC's web proctoring tools.

第一个工具是 Respondus锁定浏览器(RLDB) 安装说明如下:

    1. 登录Chromebook,启动Google Chrome浏览器.
    2. Log in to Canvas 和 navigate to the exam that requires LockDown Browser.
    3. Select the link for downloading 和 installing LockDown Browser.
    4. From the Chrome web store, select “Add to Chrome” to install the LockDown Browser Extension.
  • iPad users would download RLDB from the 苹果 App Store. 注意: The instructor must have the option to allow an iPad to be used selected.
  • If you are using a Chromebook managed by a high school or employer, hopefully they have already added the RLDB extension to your device. 如果没有,并且您的课程需要,请发送 锁定管理员指南(PDF) 给管理Chromebook设备的人.

*如果使用 Windows S模式, you must switch out of it or find an alternative; 不能 switch S Mode back into.

第二个工具是 Respondus监控. 一些课程要求通过RLDB监考 Respondus监控. Please watch this video to learn more about Respondus监控.

完全在线的课程 也许你可以选择 参加监考考试 BHC检测中心.


  • 带麦克风的网络摄像头.
  • 高速/宽带互联网连接.
  • BHC RLDB的安装.
  • Identification: You will be required to take a picture of your government-issued photo ID. Acceptable ID includes driver's license or photo ID card. 身份证必须包括你的照片和姓名. (您可以隐瞒个人信息,如.g. driver's license number, address, weight, height, etc.)

注意: As part of BHC’s agreement with Respondus, Respondus offers support to all of our users. 请到我们的 在线学习定位 page for details about submitting a ticket to Respondus.



For further information regarding technical requirements, please visit these links:

请注意: These are the basic requirements for most online classes. Please check for a "Course Objectives 和 技术要求" link for any class that you are taking or thinking about taking to see if there are further requirements. 在此搜索课程.

记住要有一个备用计划! When taking an online course it is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of connection issues 和/or equipment failure. 大多数图书馆都可以上网, or you may have a friend you can call on in the event of technical problems. The 十大平台网赌下载最新 computer labs also are available during hours of operation. 有一个备用计划可以防止以后出现很多压力!

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